Running Clutch

NATHAN, the Running Essentials™, known for their hydration packs, wanted a hybrid hydration/carrying solution for active women. NATHAN’s product line focused on specific activities, like running, but none were able to go from activity to lifestyle effortlessly.


Interviews and observation of runners found they carried music players, cash, keys, and water bottles while running. The project scope then shifted to focus on non-hydration solutions. Normal clutches were investigated for size, use and contents.


Sketches and ideation of the overall concept. Foam forms were tested for ergonomics. Fabrics were chosen for color, feel and functionality. A pattern was then constructed.


The team designed a clutch that can flip from running mode to lifestyle mode. In running mode, the flourescent flap is visible, while hand and phone straps give easy access to your music. Lifestyle mode folds to be inconspicuous as the hand strap ooubles as a clutch closure.