Ring Soap

Unilever asked us to re-think the shower experience. We asked ourselves, “How can we improve soap?” This proved our basis for a deeper look into our showering habits. We aimed to create an easy-to-use and ergonomic solution to possibly offer a new route to market.


Bar soap fell apart and needed a place to sit, often making the shower dirty. Many users preferred body wash to bar soap for convenience and cleanliness of the shower.


Create a single-serve body-wash/bar soap hybrid that comes as separate units but can be used with a scrubbing device.

To test the feasibility of a semi-solid soap, a prototype of body-wash and gelatin was used to aproximate the washing experience. Different prototypes were also created to explore the form and delivery of the device. Users were also interviewed about their showering habits.

Based off of user testing we found the form users liked the most. Using our experiments in soap gels, we created a soap shape that snapped into the holder but dissolved when used. The soap could be delivered in a dispenser that makes it easy for shower use.