The Binge Box

The Brief

XFINITY’s Watchathon was a weeklong event where TV customers have unlimited access premium channels. To promote the event, the team was tasked with creating games that were entertaining but also featured certain shows.

The team conceieved of The Binge Box. The idea is you put items you need for binge-watching television into a box. When ready, the box will give you a “binge watching personality” and suggest shows to go with your new persona; sort of a visual personality quiz for binge-watching TV.

Storyboard and Prototype

In order to “sell” the idea, I made a rough concept storyboard in Sketch to visually represent the process. Based on feedback and approval, a basic proof of concept was coded and work with the art directors began.

The Result

Through lots of collaboration, the Binge Box became functional. Each item in the room was weighted with 3 numbered attributes. When all 3 items were in the box and the button was pressed, the algorithm found the frequency of each attribute and output a pre-written personality.

The first iteration of the Binge Box. Users drag n’ drop items into the box. After a brief animation, the users are presented with a binge-watching personality with show suggestions for that personality.

Scaling Up

A year later, we were asked to do the Binge Box again, though this time make it more complicated. After gathering some feedback from users, the client, and assessing analytics, we decided to increase the number of rooms (more items), and create an two-part persona matching system. One part would find the adverb of the persona and the second part would find the noun. In addition, the copy was written to be swappable regardless of the combination. Each item now carried 6 numbers tied to various attributes. The algorithm would then find the most common numbers from each set and arrange them based on weight (order within the attribute array) and frequency.

The rooms in their default state.
Users drag and drop their items into the box. The labels on the side auto-fill with the names of the items. When all 3 fields are filled, the ‘Submit’ button becomes clickable.
After a brief animation of the box closing, shaking then exploding, the user is presented with a binge-watching personality. In the first iteration there were 8 different personalities to get. In the second iteration, the number of possible personality combinations was 64.

Check out a demonstration of the Binge Box: